Values and ethics are very important to RHA.  The success of our partnership and strong reputation for delivering can be attributed to our core work values of honesty, trust, integrity, collaboration, commitment and reliability.  We are also enjoyable to work with.

RHA is a proud member of Unashamedly Ethical, a campaign which promotes ethics, values and clean living.  By signing up to Unashamedly Ethical we have made a public commitment and are accountable for living out the following commitments:

  • To be entirely truthful in all we say
  • To be faithful to our family relationships
  • To do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but to look out for the interests of others
  • To refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes, and to report those who do
  • To be diligent leaders without being harsh, and to pay staff what is just and fair
  • To be peacemakers
  • To work wholeheartedly
  •  To submit ourselves to just and ethical governing authorities
  •  To remember the poor by investing generously and sacrificially in the broader community
  •  To collaborate with peers to impact our community and nation.

For more information about Unashamedly Ethical you can visit the campaign’s website at